First Lift in – Date TBA

29th March 2022 all-day
Lowestoft Cruising Club
Andrew Rowley

First Lift in date is yet to be arranged.

This date is just an indication and no actual date has been set

We have two lift-in dates a month apart. This is very much an experiment.
Since we will be having two days of lifting anyway, separating them by one month gives members the option of going in early or later.

It also allows those who choose to remain in the water over winter to be lifted out for the month
between the two spring lifts i.e. out in early March, back in a month later.

Depending on numbers, this might not be possible.
Please let Andrew Rowley or Ian Seath know if you would like to do this.

Cost will remain the same because the total cost is divided by the number being lifted.