Mast Crane Training 2 – Now Full

10th March 2024 @ 14:00 – 16:00
Lowestoft Cruising Club
Off Harbour Road
Ian Seath, Chris Elliston

Now Fully Booked

For some time now a group of us have been working on a new training course for the mast crane.
Almost all club members no longer have a valid certificate and in any case we have changed the protocols substantially to make crane use safer and simpler.

A big thanks to Chris Elliston for his work on compliance and risk assessment, which now forms the core of the course.

We shall be offering five courses throughout March, with up to eight people on each so we can train 40 members prior to lift-in on 12th April.
This should be enough for immediate needs, though we will offer further courses after that with the intention of training the majority of the club.

Courses will start in the clubhouse at 14:00 and finish around 16:00.
An initial theory session will be followed by a practical at the crane.
All members who manage to stay awake for this time will receive a certificate valid for five years.

Shortly, I will post a link to a new section on the club website. This folder will contain all course resources and details, as well as a list of those who have been trained.

Please contact either Chris Elliston or Ian Seath if you wish to be trained and include a preference for a date.
Members should note that only those who have been trained will be allowed to use the crane.

Kind Regards,

Ian Seath & Chris Elliston