Membership application

In order that we can process your application quickly, please fill in the form below as fully as possible. Once completed, the form will be sent to your proposer who will pass it to the committee along with their letter of introduction.
Once received, your application will be posted on our notice board for a period of four weeks after which it will be presented for consideration at the next committee meeting.

The Lowestoft Cruising Club is not a commercial marina and not a place to simply berth a boat.
The ethos of the club is one of self-help and the facilities and social activities that we enjoy at the Cruising Club have all come as a result of our members personal efforts. From engineering & painting to catering & legal services, our members are expected to participate where they can; be it a working party, social function or an AGM.

You too may be asked to contribute some of your time, effort and skill. If you feel that all you want to do is berth your boat on our moorings or if you don’t think you can afford the time to help with the upkeep or social activities of the club, then this is probably not the right club for you.

If you require any further information or help, have a look around our website as most answers can be found here. Alternatively ask one or our members or email the relevant club officer with your enquiry.

With respect to berth allocations, please be aware that because there is great demand for long-term berths at our moorings, we operate a waiting list system. At the moment the waiting list is quite long and one can expect to wait several years before arriving at the top of the list. Our Moorings Officer is able to advise on the current availability of both short and long term berths at our moorings.

Note: Permanent berths are only available to Single or Family members, not Crew members.

Membership types

There are three types of membership:

Single Membership £30 One person over the age of 18
Family Membership £35 Two adults living together with or without children under the age of 18
Crew Membership £30 Only available for the personal crew of existing boat owning members


Joining Fee £100 Non-refundable
Site Development Fund £100 Payable on joining but refunded on resigning from the club

No Joining Fee or Site Development Fund loan is required for Crew Membership

Proposer and Seconder

The proposer must offer a written/emailed submission to the committee in favour of the applicant and we would draw your attention to Rule 1.3.3:

“No member may propose or second a candidate for membership until the proposer and seconder are currently and have been fully paid up members for the preceding two years from the date of acceptance”.

If either the proposer or the seconder are committee members it would be helpful if they could attend the meeting at which the proposal will be discussed.

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    Membership Details

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    If your boat is in joint ownership, please state names and addresses of the other owners. Leave blank if no other owner(s)





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    Insurance expiry

    Present Moorings

    Data Protection

    Membership of the Club requires acceptance of the Constitution and Rules of the Club by the prospective member and will be deemed to constitute consent to the holding of relevant personal data for the purpose of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and any regulations made thereunder. Any such data will be used solely by the Club for internal matters and will not be shared with any third party or used for marketing or commercial purposes.

    Only send if you understand and agree to the above provisions.
    This will send the details in the above form to the Proposor for them to send on to the Club Secretary via email.