Work Parties

Working parties are now back on, with Saturday Work Parties as well as mid-week.

See the Club calendar for updates from David Bird, Vice Commodore. More details can be obtained from Jerry Harrison & David Bird.
Working parties have been taking place this autumn but some people may be wondering what is happening, I tend not to ask members to attend as regular attendees mostly turn up on Wednesdays and we get a surprising amount of work done.

I have been planning essential pontoon work for some time, consisting of inspection and maintenance of our principal asset: our moorings.

This will consist of replacing the worst of the finger berth end frames that have suffered corrosion at their splash zone outer ends.

Cleaning of main pontoon boards becomes very important during winter months as they become very slippery with algal growth. It should be noted that during frosty conditions care should be exercised when going to boats still in the water as ice exacerbates the problem.
I am minded to try decking oil treatment as one of our members applies this to his finger berth and it seems to work for about 1/2 a year.

I have mentioned replacing part of the finger berths. This can be a difficult job as the fixing bolts are quite corroded.
To try to get round this issue, this year Vic Churchill has made up a support frame for a RotaBroach to be used to cut the head of the bolts off and it is hoped in this way a rolling programme of bolt replacement will be sped up.

The nature of this work is specialist though not too skilled, it will however require helpers who are able to fetch and carry as well as safety watchers to ensure a safe work area is maintained at all times.
Paperwork will also need to be organised as the programme will require traceability.

As you will realize this will generate jobs not specified such as bringing the frames ashore to be overhauled as required.
I am confident a routine will be established such that every member can be involved in some way, after all that is how we have the facilities we have.