Join Lowestoft Cruising Club

The Lowestoft Cruising Club has a limited membership of 150 single and family members.
Join Lowestoft Cruising Club Cruise, Tichmarsh Aug 18 Anyone who wishes to join Lowestoft Cruising Club, apart from visitor members, must be proposed and seconded by members (of at least two years standing) of the Club.

There are five classes of membership:-

    1. A single membership being one person.
    2. A family membership being either one adult with children under the age of 18 or two adults living together, with or without children under the age of 18.
    3. Honorary membership.
    4. Temporary membership accorded to visiting yacht crew for the duration of their stay.
    5. Crew membership.

Once your application is received, you will be contacted by a committee member, invited to meet with committee members at the club and to be shown round the club facilities. This will be your opportunity to ask any questions you may have and we will be able to find out more about what you can bring to the club in return.

Your details will then be posted on the club noticeboard for four weeks, after which time your application will be presented for consideration at the next committee meeting.

To keep costs down we do as much site maintenance and improvement work as possible with regular working parties.
"One reason that the club thrives is because members freely give of their time, expertise and effort to undertake improvements, maintenance work and administration. All members are expected to make contributions to the club in this way. The alternative is that external contractors are employed with a consequent rise in costs and fees.

"Any member who feels that they are restricted in the type of work that they are able to undertake may approach, in confidence, a member of the committee who will undertake to make appropriate arrangements if necessary."

Extract from the Code of Conduct, paragraphs 16 & 18   The Lowestoft Cruising Club is not a commercial marina and not a place to simply berth a boat.
The ethos of the club is one of self-help and the facilities and social activities that we enjoy at the Cruising Club have all come as a result of our members personal efforts. From engineering and construction to administration and organising social events, members are expected to participate wherever they can.

To apply for membership to join Lowestoft Cruising Club, please either:

Download the Application Form and email as an attachment to the Membership Secretary


Fill in the on-line application form

We recommend prospective members read our Constitution and Rules and Code of Conduct and Complaints Procedure before applying for membership. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from the Adobe website. If you do not know any members we recommend that you introduce yourself at the moorings or at a social event. You will soon get to know some members who will then act as your proposer and seconder.

Membership fees/loans:


Join Lowestoft Cruising Club
Family £ 50 annually
Single £ 40 annually
Crew £ 35 annually
Visitors £   1 per day - Included in the visitor mooring fee
Fees Payable on joining
- For Full members, not Crew or Visiting members
Joining Fee £100
Site Development Loan £100 refundable on leaving the club

Mooring fees

A full list of fees are available in the members' section.

Additional Mooring Charges

  • £50 deposit on application to the waiting list for an allocated mooring.
  • £300 'key money' is due when a berth is allocated.
  • £282.60 Harbour Dues for 2024 - Discounted for members, if paid through the club
  • £282.60 Harbour Users Premium - Discounted for members, if paid through the club

Until an allocated berth becomes available (this can take several years), it may be possible to have an unallocated, temporarily mooring on a casual basis. There are separate charges for Winter storage, craneage, slipway, etc. The £350 (key money + deposit) is returnable when the mooring is surrendered. The £100 site development loan is refundable when club membership is relinquished.