Notices to Mariners

Notices to Mariners for Lowestoft and East Anglian Coast area, relevant mainly to the owners of private leisure craft moored at or visiting Lowestoft Cruising Club. Each notice opens in a new page, shown in pdf format.

Notices to Mariners issued 2024

Lowestoft Outer Harbour and Approaches - USV Fugro Orca transits
Date of issue: 18.06.2024

Lowestoft Outer Harbour area - Quay construction: work activity afloat
Date of issue: 12.06.2024

Lowestoft Outer Harbour and Approaches - Dredging Activity: update No.1
Date of issue: 28.05.2024

Lowestoft Approaches - East Cardinal Twin Buoy off station
Date of issue: 16.05.2024

Lowestoft Harbour and Approaches - USV activity
Date of issue: 15.04.2024

River Deben entrance - chartlet
Date of issue: 14.04.2024

Haven Bridge - closed to marine traffic
Date of issue: 09.04.2024

Ha’Penny Pier pontoons
Date of issue: 28.03.2024

Lowestoft Inner Harbour - Gull Wing Channel restriction lifted & operational protocol
Date of issue: 28.03.2024

Harwich Haven and Approaches - Seasonal recreational marks
Date of issue: 22.03.2024

Harwich Haven - East Cardinal Mark
Date of issue: 01.03.2024

Issued 2023

Lowestoft Southern Approaches – Shoaling at the entrance to Stanford Channel
Date of issue: 20.11.2023

Lowestoft Harbour - Revised small craft and yachts notice

Information for small craft and yachts using Lowestoft Harbour and the seaward approaches to Mutford Lock
Date of issue: 13.11.2023

Woodbridge Haven lighted buoy
Date of issue: 03.04.2023

Cork Hole experimental lighted buoy
Date of issue: 03.02.2023

Issued 2022

Updated information for leisure vessels arriving into the UK
Date of issue: 04.08.2022

Coronavirus (covid-19) – Updated vessel notification requirements

Complete only if there are any suspected or confirmed cases of disease which is likely to be highly transmissible or contagious. Date of issue: 25.05.2022

Harwich, Cork Hole - Experimental lighted buoy
Date of issue: 14.04.2022

Sanctions on Russian vessels
Date of issue: 03.03.2022

N.W. Holm lighted buoy
Date of issue: 11.02.2022

Lowestoft Inner Harbour - Gull Wing construction site: updated details
Date of issue: 15.01.2022

Issued 2021

Lowestoft Approaches - UXO position SE to Lowestoft
Date of issue: 15.11.21

Lowestoft Inner Harbour - Gull Wing Bridge construction: temporary reporting requirement
Date of issue: 09.09.2021

East Anglia - International catering waste
Date of issue: 05.03.2021

Issued 2020

Lowestoft Harbour - Impending changes to vessel reporting procedures
Date of issue: 24.12.2020

Lowestoft Harbour and approaches - Management of vessel speed and wash
Date of issue: 01.07.2020

Border health control measures - Application to marine leisure users
Date of issue: 13.06.2020

Lowestoft - Advice on Harbour use during easing of COVID-19 restrictions
Date of issue: 14.05.2020

Issued 2019

Lowestoft Inner Harbour - Town and Cefas Quay passing speed
Date of issue: 25.07.2019

Issued 2017

Passage plan publication
Date of issue: 29.08.2017

Lowestoft Harbour - Reporting of vessel movements
Date of issue: 19.08.2017

Lowestoft Harbour - Use of weighted heaving lines
Date of issue: 07.02.2017

Issued 2015

Lowestoft Harbour - Use of lifejackets
Date of issue: 08.11.2015

Issued 2011

Lowestoft Harbour - Port entrance traffic lights
Date of issue: 14.07.2011

Issued 2007

Lowestoft Harbour - Protection of ABP employees from passive smoking
Date of issue: 29.06.2007

Notices to Mariners issued directly

The Lowestoft notices to mariners are available from the

The Broads Authority

The Great Yarmouth notices to mariners are available from the page

Harwich Haven Authority

Trinity House

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